Tourism Marketing

Across America, every city and state are in competition for the same tourist to visit their attractions. In this fiercely competitive travel and tourism sector, the most efficient and effective way to attract your ideal travelers is by using paid ads on Google and other search engines. Cities and states must now begin to market themselves like brands and not just travel destinations.  

Paid Search

The internet accounts for over 74% of both leisure and business travel planning, according to a recent Google study. Over 80% of those travelers start their travel booking and shopping process with search, this is why having a robust paid search strategy is beyond critical. 

Although with competition like Expedia, Orbitz, and millions of unique travel offerings out there, how do you stand out and capture quality leads through search engines like Google and Bing?  

We help identify and target travelers that are researching travel destinations. We reach people in the I-want-to-get-away moments: a.k.a. “dreaming moments” that happen when people are exploring destination options and ideas with no firm plans. At this early stage in the travel decision-making process, people want attractions to provide content to inspire and to help narrow down choices. 

We do this by creating highly targeted ads and keywords that take into account location, device type, and income levels.  By engaging potential travelers early in the consideration process we increase the likelihood they will book a trip to your destination. 


Your visitors might not make a final decision on your destination the first time they visit your site. It may take multiple visits to your website and research before making a decision.

This is why it is key to engage travelers early in the decision process when they are still weighing several travel options such as time, price and location. By adding remarketing lists to your Google Ads campaigns you can bid higher on people that have visited your site and engage them with a compelling offer.

These visitors to your website will be re-engaged on partner websites such as YouTube and other sites with banner/video ads inviting them to return to the website and take action.

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