Maryland Tourism Development

About The Project

Client: Maryland Tourism Development

Subject: Drive visitor traffic to

Period: May 2014 – February 2016


McKinley Media was a party in an MBE partnership with Siquis LTD and played a major role in creating and managing the Adwords and Bing search campaigns that drove visitors to


While managing a $700,000 yearly ad budget McKinley Media provided daily management of the campaigns by adjusting bids, monitoring CPC and discovered alternative ways to improve ROI. Over the course of the campaign, we efficiently drove over *2 million unique visitors to

*More than 2,000,000 unique visits to can be attributed to PPC campaign, an increase of 20 percent despite an 18 percent decrease in online advertising spend. Budget for 2015 $669,070, budget for 2014 $719,438.



Each month McKinley Media compiled a comprehensive report to track cost per click, clicks, keywords, impressions and click-through rates for both Adwords and Bing.

Throughout the course project, McKinley media provided strategic support and account recommendations.